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Zinc Powder Used Specially for Chemical Reducing Agent

Sample Nature:
Molecular formula:Zn
Molecular weight:65.38
Physical property:Dark gray metal fine powder.
Density :7.14g/cm³, Melting point: 419.58℃,
Boiling point: 907℃.

Chemical Properties:
It does not dissolve in water. It dissolves in acid and base. It dissolves in acetic acid and ammonia water slowly. It has strong reducibility. When it reacts with acid and base, hydrogen will be produced. It agglomerates under humid condition. It is stable in dry air. White basic carbonate is produced in humid air and it covers on the surface. When it is burnt in air, blue flame is produced. Besides, zinc oxide is generated. The product with high purity reacts with sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid slowly. When it contains a little other metal such as iron, tin and lead, the reaction will accelerate.

Product Characteristics:
Huiyuan zinc powder used specially for chemical reducing agent has characteristics such as high metal zinc content, low content of other impurity elements, smooth particle surface and large
specific surface area,low loose-packed powder density, less surface oxidation and less melting deformation and grape-like particles through adhesion. Total zinc content is more than 98.5% and
metal zinc content is more than 96%.

Product Use:
Huiyuan zinc powder used specially for chemical reducing agent is used for organic, inorganic
chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, printing and dyeing, reducing agent and catalyst industry.
In terms of chemical production, it is used for production of sodium hydrosulfite, lithopone, sodium formaldehyde su lfoxylate, zinc sulfate and zinc chloride and impurity removal.

Technical Index:

Zinc Powder national standards GB/T6890-2000
Chemical composition(%)
Super ior product The main no less than Impurities no more than
Zinc only Metal zinc Pb Fe Cd Acid-insoluble substance
First class 98 96 0.1 0.05 0.1 0.2
Second class 98 94 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2
Third class 96 92 0.3     0.2
Fouth class 92 88       0.2
Note:The fouth class zinc powder produced by materials contained zinc,the content of sulphur should less than 0.5%.


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